12-24-2002: Chii. This is a drawing that was new to me. My latest Anime drawing is Chii, from Chobits. I've read a book from the manga, but I still need to see the Anime. It's very interesting! Chii is a persocon, which is a computer. Anyways, this drawing I really put shadowing to work! It looks good! ^_^

??-??-2001: Usagi-chan. This is a sketch I drew of Usagi to show my lil sister how to draw. Or how I draw. I really like this pic, too. Ofcourse, like all my other pics, it's not perfect. But can you BSSM Otakus not tell who it is? Without looking at the name! *lol* Oh, I cheated on this pic! No, I didn't trace! And I didn't look at any one pic. Around Oct. 14, 2002, I edited this pic! Well, I edited most pics around that time, just drawings over it to make it darker, which makes the scans better. But on this one, I added shadowing! Not much, because I suck at shadowing still, but some. The first version had no shadowing at all. X_X

10-21-1999: My Only Love. Based off a picture I saw of Sailor Venus sitting on some steps with the rest of the senshi standing in a few other poses. Sooo, I drew her sitting, except on a cloud. And instead of looking happy, she's crying. I drew this thinking of the Sailor Moon dub's song My Only Love. But this time, it's Sailor Venus mourning the loss of her beloved Kunzite/Malachite. I guess we can say that I was in a state of despair when I drew this, over losing that one guy (6th time?) I had gone out with 7 times! I won't say any names. :X

??-??-1999: Sailor Venus Colored. One of the VERY FEW pics I have drawn and then colored. Her face is flatish, and I don't know. Looks ok, I guess.

??-??-1999: Usagi & Mamoru. Oh my, I had thought this one was good a long time ago. Now they look like aliens to me. o_O

??-??-1999: Queen Serenity. I still think this pic is good, only because of the background I did. I didn't draw the queen vrey well tho. I still wish I could edit the pic, but then I may make it worse, and I don't want to do THAT. The original pic had Luna and Artemis with her, I believe.