11-03-2005: Nurse Peach. So yeah, I was bored at work again... What is with me!? If I'm not drawing during a class, I'm drawing at work! GAH! ANYWAYS...
A new Dr. Mario game was coming out for GBA, and I saw the ad in one of our lil advo things. Sooo, I sharpened yet another of our cheaply made pencils and this is what came out! The picture ended at the knees, so I improvised on how I thought the rest should be... and yes, I slaughtered the shoes, what else is new? This pic has a dedication as well, so check it! ^^

10-09-2005: Olha. Olha is from the PS2 game, Ys: Ark of Napishtim. Unfortunately, I've not been able to finish this drawing yet >< So this is still in sketch form, sorry :\ I'll update this as I get further done, no worries! ^^;;
10-08-2005: Sketch after the first day. Started it while bored at work ^^;; Don't tell my boss, k? lol

08-22-2005: Mia Wolf. This is actually 2 characters
in one. The pose and outfit are from Viki, a character from Suikoden IV on the PS2. The outfit looked
like something a white mage would wear, so I
drew my Final Fantasy XI character, Mia Wolf, in that pose and outfit! It was fun ^^

??-??-1999: Pikachu. Blah, the pic is ok, but not how I wanted it to be. Only sorta looks like pikachu. Like a REALLY fat pikachu... I drew another pic of Pikachu, but I have yet to find it. >..< Soon as I do, I'll have it up here!