Hello, Mia here. Welcome to my personal space where I show off (or embarass myself with) my art! Most everything here is pencil drawings. A few are in pen, and even fewer are colored. I've never taken ANY art classes, and own only one book that teaches how to draw. Which I've only read one section of. Yup. So, this is all me learning from just looking at other drawings. I've still got LOTS to learn, such as shading and how to draw hands and feet. I'm always happy to hear feedback, as long as it's not "Ok, br3ak yor pencilz and give UP! You are teh SUXORZ!" You can either post in my forum or email me. If it's constructive critism, be sure to let me know which drawing(s) you're talking about, and be pretty specific. ^^

      All Drawings on this site are property of Mia Wolf! Do NOT steal these and take credit for them. And do NOT post them on your own site or anothers unless I've given you permission. Also, there a few drawings that may not be suitable for all ages. If you are easily offended, then please don't look. And now that that's done with, you may go browse through my drawings. ^^ Enjoy~!