10-06-2005: Moonlight Prayer. Despite everything being so bright and white, this is actually a drawing of
a lady looking out at the moon. Her hair is silver, as is her dress, matching the moon. Maybe I'll darken the sky sometime to make it more noticeable that it's at
night... Drew this one day, just doodling at work... I'm surprised I still have a job with how often I draw and write there! XD it's like school ^^;;

06-04-2003: Princess Destiny. Princess Destiny doing her thing... yup! So, I drew the Goddess Summoning pic first, and then decided to draw Destiny in the same pose and everything. So, for the first time in all these drawings, I TRACED! Just the form and the key parts,
so that the size and pose were the same. I traced my OWN drawing tho, so it's not cheating... cartoonists do it all the time :P I still love these two pics ^^

06-03-2003: Goddess Summoning. This pic goes along with the Princess Destiny pic. Basically, I wrote out a legend for the manga and this is a pic showing a scene from it. Maybe later I'll write out the legend atleast and post a link, to give yas a better idea. Just know that this is a goddess from a legend that leads to the Princess Destiny pic. ^^;;
WARNING! This pic has barbie-doll type nudity. If even the female form is offensive to ya, then please save us all the trouble and don't look at it kthxbye...

03-31-2003: SD Pic #5. Fifth SD Pic. FPD grabs a shovel...

03-30-2003: SD Pic #4. Fourth SD Pic. Cool lil comic.

03-29-2003: SD Pic #3. My third SD Pic. If you look at this pic, then nothing else needs to be said...

03-29-2003: SD Pic #2. My second SD Pic. Shovel + Metalfan = a VERY amused Mia! :D

03-29-2003: SD Pic #1. My first SD pic. Mia [queen of the fairies] beating up my RF friend, Metalfan. ^_^;;

01-01-2003: Destiny's Ceremonial Robe. Well, this is a first sketch of what could become Destiny's ceremonial robe, if I decide to have her in it for any reason. I drew her kinda sloppy, and this is still only a first draft! I also practiced my hair floating trick in this pic. Anyways, the robe is purple guaze, and there's a silver dress underneath. I drew the hands see through and not fully done because this was for the robe, not her. Nice, ne?

10-01-2002: The Fairies. This is a first sketch for a lot of the fairies. I may make changes later on, but this is a starting point. It's a light pic. Look closely!

09-30-2002: NOOOOoooooo. Just a manga page that says NOOOOO. Comes right after FPD Sad.

09-26-2002<->09-30-2002: FPD Sad. This took a few days to do, cause after drawing FPD, I decided to add the 4 boxes with more stuff. So it now looks like a manga page. SPOILER! :X

08-12-2002: Ring Of Destiny. This is Mia's Ring. This is based off the ring my now ex-bf gave me, and I wear right now... :X

08-12-2002: Fairy Mia. This is a full body pic of Mia, with sketch of back and wings at bottom. :X

08-10-2002: Mia Face. I guess I was bored during summer vacation, after trying to get a job the whole summer through with no success. But this is Mia. Spoiler! :X Oh, Mia is based off myself. Decided to make a Mia after being called Mia on RF for a while. X_X

??-??-2002: Aria Emergence. I still can't say much about this character, too many spoilers. But this is her forming. She is my own creation, of course. Reading the japanese at the bottom may help explain some, if you read japanese. It says "Desutiniisama to Arashiichan...Ariahime desuka?" Ok, so it's rough japanese. :P I never said I was fluent!

??-??-2002: Aria In The Making & Arashii. Shows a spoiler, so look to know. I won't say. :X But the girl posing is Arashii. Aria is the one with 5 loops on her head.

??-??-2002: Random. This is a random character. She used to be Arashii, but I changed that. Now I just need to figure out who I want to make her now. I still have yet to draw many of the humans. I only have Arashii and Onyx drawn so far, and there are 5 other humans to draw! Oh my....

??-??-2002: FPD?. To say anything about this pic would be a spoiler. And you have to know some japanese to read what I wrote... Soooo :X

??-??-2002: Young FPD. This is a drawing of FPD much younger. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna have FPD this young in the manga, but it's an idea. Maybe for a flashback...

??-??-2002: Hikari. My second sketch of Hikari, Fairy Light! She looks like the wild fairy, to me...

??-??-2002: Expressions. I drew this not too long after drawing FPD. These are 7 different expressions for FPD. I need to know if they look like the expression they're supposed to look like. So, EMAIL me and tell me the expressions on each face. ^_^ please?! And the 8th face is Hikari being drawn for the first time. ^_^;;

03-01-2002: Fairy Princess Destiny. For those who don't know, FPD=Fairy Princess Destiny. She is the main Fairy of the story. This drawing depicts her having summoned the Fairy Sword. The sword is about 6 inches to a foot away from her hand. And she is engulfed in light, so why would there be any shadowing? The light is dim enough to just see her. Ok, all you BSSM Otakus! Does she look like BSSM? Tell me the truth! Email me even! I need to know! *cries*

??-??-2001: Earth Shooter. This is Fairy Earth's weapon of choice. A pretty bow and arrow...

??-??-2001: Staff Of Light. This is Fairy Light's weapon. And one of the prettiest weapons! It matches her well. ^-^

??-??-2001: Shadow Slasher. Fairy Shadow's weapon of choice. Thanks goes to Jesse (M:TG player) for helping me design this weapon. He drew the first copy, to give me an idea for a good weapon for Fairy Shadow, and then I drew this and added my lil things to it. ^_^;;

??-??-2001: Fairy Sword. One of the first things I drew in College. I'd get outta one of the classes, go straight to the caffeteria, sit down, and draw. Forget to go to a class, and draw. I didn't just draw, but I played a card game called "Magic: The Gathering." I love that game. I spent more time at the college playing games or drawing than going to class! BAD! eh heh heh... This is FPD's Sword of Destiny. She is the only one who can summon it. And very few know she can summon it. Ok, so it's just a sword, right? I don't know if I'm gonna make it special or something yet...

??-??-2001: Fairy Enemy. I drew this in my japanese class. :X I always got in trouble in that class for either drawing or talking. But I was one of the top students in the class, for most of the time. I didn't get in major trouble, just was told "HUSH!" ^_^;; Oh, this pic is an enemy for FPD. My own character!

12-12-2000: Onyx. Onyx is a character all my own. I'm the creator of her! YAY! *ahem* She is a belly dancer, her name is Onyx, and I decided to make her a character in my manga that I'm workin on, sorta.