04-15-2003: Pocahontas. I was babysitting, and the
lil girl I babysit LOVES Disney. Well, we were reading a Pocahontas book, and I saw this picture, and decided
to draw it. I was MAJORLY bored. It came out ok, tho. ^_^;; I still hate Disney.

??-??-1999: Marvin. I drew this for the guy I was going out with at the time. This is his favorite chracter. Yes, it's the one and only, Marvin The Martian. It looks fine to me. And the guy liked it too. I actually had 2 of this pic, one colored and one not. The colored went to the guy.

??-??-1999: Sorceress Venus. She is just a drawing I did having Sailor Venus as a sorceress. Not really Sailor Venus, though. Just based on her a lil. And she's COLORED! That's rare indeed!