Hail, weary traveler! Please, take a seat, have a drink or two! ... What's that you ask? Why, you are in my tavern! You look quite confused... World? Are you daft? Why, you stand on the soil of Azeroth! ... Are you alright? You're looking a tad pale... You want to know a bit about Azeroth? Hmm, you must have hit your head along the way. That's Ok, though. I have nothing better to do than to explain. You see, this land is torn apart by war. Started many years ago, and hasn't really ended. All of us have suffered, both members of the Alliance and the Horde. Oh, I won't get into explaining about them here, it's best to go to their areas for a more in depth point of view... But there are many evil forces at work, and sometimes your enemy will be right under your nose! So be careful who you trust, even those that are running the kingdoms aren't always trying to help the people.
      Many races and people of different factions visit this tavern. Consider it Neutral ground. If you go that way, to the Northwest, you will go into Alliance territory. To the East a bit is Horde Territory. You're sure to learn what you wish to learn along whichever direction you go... You want to know something other than that? Well, I do have a book here that has... forbidden information... I don't know what is inside, as I can't seem to get the book to open! Maybe you'd like a try? Something tells me it may work for one such as you. It's worked for a few others, but I could never get a look! Ah, here it is!

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Yup, like all the other times, you can view but I am repelled. Probably best that way. Well, I have ale to pour and patrons to attend to, so do as you wish, as long as you keep the peace...


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