April 12, 2011 - HM Chimaeron, Starting 25man Pug & Recruiting For 10man!
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        I really need to stop forgetting to get the screenshots :( On April 26th we got Heroic Atramedes down, and are working on Maloriak now.

        On Saturdays, we run our organized 25man pug group! My goal for this group is to do what the previous incarnation of the group did in wrath: Full clear the raids, then work on hard modes and achievements so regulars with the group get their meta achievements! We are looking for players that know the normal mode content and have the ability to do the heroic content when that time comes. If your main raids with your guild and you have an alt that is now ready to raid, that is fine! Let me know how progressed you are with your main!

        Minimum Reqs for the group is:
        § Avg ilvl 350 PVE gear of spec attending as.
        § PVE Specced.
        § PVE Gemmed/Enchanted.
        § Knows how to play. This means no standing in fire or poison clouds!

        As Redemption is hosting this group, we supply feasts and flasks for the entire raid. If you start coming regularly, you may join our guild with that toon and get repairs from our guild bank, too! Our loot system is the tally system, so if you don't know what that is, ask me and I'll give you the run down.

        If interested in attending, whether for one week or regularly, please head to our forums, under Pug Raid Signups, and sign up! Contact me on Miia or Kahlaan in game for more information.

        As for regular guild 10 man groups, we have 4 raid teams, all doing fairly well, and 1 group starting up. If interested in raiding with us, choose which group best fits your schedule and contact the group leader! Our recruitment needs for each group can be found on our forums Here!

        #1 [3/13H] - Tues/Thurs 8p-12a: Contact Miia/Ardanien
        #2 [2/13H] - Tues/Wed/Mon 7p-11p: Contact ParamediÁ
        #3 [1/13H] - Tues/Sun/Mon 6p-10p: Contact MystiriŚ/Sooyoung
        #4 [Fresh] - Tues/Wed/Thurs 8p-12a: Contact Miia
        #5 [9/12N] - Tues/Sun/Mon 7p-11p: Contact Divinelady

        Current guild progression is to the right, progression as it regards to individual groups can be recieved from the respective group leads! ^_^

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        Magmaw HM 12/21/2010
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        Maloriak HM 12/27/2010
        Atramedes HM 04/26/2011
        Chimaeron HM 02/14/2011
        Nefarian HM 03/30/2011
        Bastion of Twilight
        Valiona & Theralion HM 01/03/2011
        Halfus Wyrmbreaker HM 03/01/2011
        Twilight Council HM 02/03/2011
        Cho'gall HM 02/17/2011
        Lady Sinestra HM  
        Throne of Four Winds
        Conclave of Wind HM 12/23/2010
        Al'Akir HM 02/24/2011
        Baradin Hold
        Argaloth 12/13/10