What fun would games be without friendly clans to play with? Ofcourse, we'd have more clans to beat up, but that's beside the point! Here are our Allies.

{GhG} Gung Ho Guns


These are links that we have. Check 'em out :D

Crude Extreme
Maps for RF, along with a few other things.

A site dedicated to Red Faction downloads. Maps, apps, anythign u really need.

Levels 4 You
Maps for MANY games, including Red Faction!

Mia Wolf's Site
Personal website of Mia Wolf. Has plenty of things to see, just go!

Escaflowne's Site
Esca's personal website. Pretty cool, I think...

SAS clan site
Our very own DemonHunter has a clan in Halo when it comes out, and this is their website!

Game Lair
Our friend Paladin's gaming site. Very cool site!