So you wanna meet some of the best snipers in RF? Here they are:

a picture goes here BOOM is BOTH hot headed and skilled, which makes him a very very dangerous person to be against! When you see BOOM, one word comes to mind: DUCK!! He will get ya. Skilled in CQC (close quarters combat) & a brutal Sniper, BOOM is a force to be reckoned with !
Quote: "BAH!"
So sayith Da BOOM!

Dark Tiger
a picture goes here Tiger is two words: HOT HEADED! He knows his steel and how to use it. Tiger is quick with the trigger and can hang with the best of them . Just one thing..... Don't underestimate him, he wants to you to EARN his respect!! And for good reason... He Deserves it!
Also, This is the man who Xed the Xer, XFighter! It was great ^_^ GOOD JOB TIGER!! *Howls*
Quote: "Awww man"
Now I'm PISSED ! (said before the game)
So your mad TOUGH SH*T!! DEAL WITH IT !
So sayith Da Tiger!

Dark Wolf
Nightwolf met DarkWolf awhile ago. He has skillZ that can not be summed up in a word. He's an excellent sniper and plays w/ a good sense of humour. We are lucky to have him on the team. Also, he's the brother of Mia Wolf! And they share the same skill level! (HOLY SH*T!! ... 2 Of them?!?) That's right! So watch yourself in the Wolves Den!
Quote: "If I wanted to listen to an @$$ hole, I'd fart!"
So Sayith Da DarkWolf!

Demon Hunter
a picture goes here Demon is a dude that Fox and Wolf worked w/ in [SoC]. He is a proven Fighter! Both Skilled & Knowledgeable in RF, Demon is a REAL asset to the Corps and I know you will NOT see him coming. Cool, straight shooter Demon is the REAL DEMON of RF and will prove it when confronted!
Quote: "Real Power comes from the Barrel of a Gun" --Chairman Mao
So Sayith Da Demon!

Eagle Eye
Coming Soon
Quote: "..."
So Sayith Da Eagle!

a picture goes here Esca is brand new talent to {SC} and he has got the goods! He is a great sniper and map maker for {SC}! We are glad to have ya, Esca! Keep up the good work!
Quote: "When life hits you hard, you just gotta get back up, and kick it in the nuts!"
So Sayith Da Esca!

a picture goes here The Jackal has been w/ us from the start of {SC}, good to have him back! You may think different when he starts to play against ya, tho! Jackal has all the tools and SkillZ needed to break you down and make you hate him! He is in essence, a Jackal; Opportunistic and will shoot when he has a shot. No AFK for him!!
Quote: "..."
So Sayith Da Jackal!

Mia Wolf
Found in the darkest corners of RF, Fox & Wolf found this Wolf wandering with out a PACK to call home. One word describes this Gunslinger. See Below
Inspiring awe: an awesome thunderstorm.
Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient Ruins
to be as ~DaWolf ^..^ Skilled in the art of sniping !
Watch yourself! We have another WOLF in our PACK!!
Quote: "I'm your huckleberry"
So Sayith Da She-Wolf!

Mr. Death
a picture goes here Death started out as a map maker for us and then he showed us he could deal w/ the best of us. So, after talking to him, he has agreed to come to "The Dark Side." Real quick trigger and fast on the draw, he will live up to his name.
Quote: "Sir to you!"
So Sayith Da Death!

Well it's Wolf, the one who started it all [along with fox!]. He is a great sniper, can hang with the best any time of the day! Gives everyone a hard time when it's their turn to TRY to take him down! It is an honor to have him still in the clan, hope to snipe ya soon WOLFIE!!!
Quote: "See ya in our sights!!"
So Sayith Da Wolf!

Fox just chills taking getting killed in stride .... YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! The beating you will receive when Fox gets mad will be recorded in the halls of HELL!! Don't piss him off or he will lay the hammer down!!
Quote: "Dude don't get mad .......get dead!"
So Sayith Da Fox!

X is a seasoned fighter, quick w/ a rail and a great sniper as well. Don't blink........Aw never mind, your gone anyway! That's how it happens! Don't get mad, get SkillZ! X will show ya how!
Quote: "You just got Xed!" And Dark Tiger Xed XFIGHTER! *Howls*
So Sayith Da XFighter!