Hey all! Welcome to the new {SC} Shadow Corps website!
Well, this site is just about done, just needs a few lil things from a few members. Do you all like it? I hope so! Check out the site, will ya! And after that, go to our forums and talk to us. We're always glad to have more people to talk to! Or you can check out our new chat room!

Clan News

As most of you should know by now, we've had a couple changes in {SC}. The biggest change was the change in leadership. NightWolf and ShadowFox have both stepped down from the leadership position, and have appointed Demon Hunter, Mia Wolf, and Metalfan as the new leaders of {SC}. Don't worry tho, NightWolf and ShadowFox have not quit {SC}, they just don't have the time anymore to be running a clan full time. And they trust in us to lead the clan in the right direction, the same way they would, and we will be trying our hardest to keep this clan the way it was meant to be!

Another recent change is ofcourse, the {SC} webpage! I hope you all like the layout I have choosen for the site. It just screamed out to me "{SC}", and it looks good I think. We will be keeping this site well updated, so check back often. Also, this site is now hosted on Mia Wolf's own domain! Well, she is the one building the site, so why not? LOL! And with the new support, she gets more options and the site will be evolving with time! YAY!!!