Here is our section for screenshots. Check 'em out!

DemonHunter ownage

Who says we don't have fun? Left is Mia, Right is DarkWolf, and Center and Middle are random people who joined in the fun.

Doing wut we do best...

Mia goes Rail Happy!

Mia domination

An infamous game... ask Mia for details

gg Mia & DarkWolf

Great game DarkWolf

fun lil game for Mia

How low Mia is when sniping. Can you see Dinas's head?

Another example of how low Mia is when sniping.

Another snipe shot by Mia. Turkey for din din, anyone? :D

More Mia ownage

A huge {SC} game, with one outsider hanging wit da Wolf Pack! *howls* too bad Mia was lagging so badly in that game ...

{SC} killin' with Rails. We do mroe tha just snipe, ya know...

The siblings tearing it up in rail, again...

DemonHunter and NightWolf seeing who is better on ice

Feeding them to the wolves!

Perfect rail snipe... He died, btw...

Great sniping Arcneth!

Arcneth still tearing it up!

{SC} and many allies all having a fun game.

Clan Matches

Might as well show the results of our clan matches here.
{SC} vs. [SoC]




Final Results: {SC} wins 3-1. Great job, team. GG [SoC].

Now, instead of having clan members send me their screenshots by email or some other fashion, I have decided that all screenshots shall be uploaded to my server, where I will go through those uploaded and post them on this site. Only screenshots please! And make sure they are either really funny or show ownage or something. If yours isn't up after a week or 2, it means it didn't meet mine and a few other people's standards. And please rename the file before uploading so that files aren't overwritten! Like "miawolf472084." Thank You! Press the browse button to begin. :D